BMW N54 DME Repair Msd80

 BMW fault codes:30ba DME digital motor electronics, internal failure and/or30bb DME digital motor electronics, internal failure 


MOSFET's can be diagnosed using a Digital Volt Ohm Meter.

With DVOM in Diode Test mode.  The values of a GOOD MOSFET are as followed. 

Gate to Source .7-.8

Gate to Drain 1.2-1.3

Source to Gate 1.2-1.3

Source to Drain .5-.6 


All Injector Diodes/MOSFETS Will Be Replaced

All 6 diodes will be replaced And tested to confirm repair. Lifetime Warranty on Diode/MOSFET replacement for the life of the DME. Not responsible for misdiagnosis of failed Diodes/MOSFET. 

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BMW N54 DME Repair